There are thousands of Alcohol testing devices on the market today. Rocky Mountain Drug Testing, LLC. only uses Evidential DOT tested and approved devices. We are committed to provide the best trained and equipped staff with this service because: ​ While the illegal use of drugs gets most of our collective attention, alcohol abuse is the greater driver of harm and cost in the workplace. Workers with alcohol dependence or abuse outnumber workers with substance dependence/abuse (including marijuana) by a factor of almost 3 to 1.1 A workplace study suggested that 40% of all industrial fatalities (and 47% of industrial injuries) are linked to alcohol consumption. People with alcoholism use twice as much sick leave, are five times more likely to file workers’ compensation claims, and are more likely to cause injuries on the job. Twenty percent of workers have been injured, covered for, or worked harder because of other employees' drinking. Workplace alcohol testing programs have a significant positive impact on employee safety and the bottom line in the oil and gas industry. Benefits include improved productivity, greater employee retention and better morale, enhanced job satisfaction and employee retention. 

Drug Free Workplace Employee and Supervisor training is our specialty. Did you know that your company can claim a 5% Workers Comp discount with an approved Drug Free Workplace Program.

Spirometry is a common type of pulmonary function test (PFT) that measures how well a person can move air in and out of their lungs. In occupational settings, spirometry  can be used to establish a baseline before assigning a worker to job tasks that are physically demanding, that may require us of a respirator, or may expose the worker to respiratory hazards. It is also used to track lung function over time and evaluate workers who experience signs and symptoms of respiratory disease.

CPR, First Aid, AED, Blood Borne Pathogens:

On the Spot Safety Instructors are Emergency 

Responders with experience in a hospital

emergency room, on an ambulance, as firefighters and even as lifeguards. Staff emergency response experience is typically 10-15 years. 

On the Spot Safety, llc. is a licensed Worksteps provider. Before an official offer of employment is made to a candidate, a Pre-Offer Agility Test may be administered to identify weather or not an individual has the physical ability required to perform the position for which her or she is being considered.

On the Spot Safety has certified respiratory fit testing and instruction. Our MEQs can be done online to save time and money.